Piano Music Docs Piano Courses conducted by Wolfgang Ellenberger – Balance through music

Do you often find playing music to offer the ideal balance after a long day at work? Presumably, about a third of doctors all over the world play an instrument. Many of them play piano, some of them at such a high level that their playing is thoroughly on a par with their medical profession. We thought of something very special: the Bösendorfer Piano Music Docs piano courses in Vienna, the music capital of the world. As one of the oldest piano manufacturers in the world, Bösendorfer has attained worldwide fame that has continued ever since 1828. What’s special about Bösendorfer instruments is their touching sound.
[b]Wolfgang Ellenberger[/b]
Wolfgang Ellenberger
The internationally known doctor and concert pianist Wolfgang Ellenberger will teach Piano Music Docs participants daily.

A few opinions on the first Bösendorfer Piano Music Docs piano course in 2011:

General feedback:

“Now I better understand a lot about the pianos.”
“It was magnificent!”
“It was really interesting to get to try out so many Bösendorfer grand pianos.”

Feedback on the individual lessons with Wolfgang Ellenberger:

“Astonishing! Highly committed, immediately realisable!”
“Highly personal mentoring!”
“The lessons allowed me to progress significantly.”

Will you recommend the Music Docs piano courses?

100% of participated doctors replied that they would recommend the piano courses whenever they meet piano-playing colleagues.